Re-Imagining Cultural Policy: A Workshop from a Global Perspective in Berlin

14 September 2022, Art Center Kunstquartier Bethanien

A half-day workshop was organised by Reset, Culture Concepts and Avril Joffe, UNESCO Expert, Witwaterstrand University, South Africa as is part of a series of events in Berlin, Brussels and Antwerp between the proposal partners.

The world faces a convergence of crises – in a decade with enormous consequences for the future of humanity. The choices we make now about climate change, inequality, and other intersecting challenges such as the Pandemic, will determine the future for generations to come.

Yet whilst many cultural practitioners and activists know these challenges, current cultural policies are being set by priorities taken from an older era.

There is a need to identify clearly these new challenges and develop accelerated change strategies and interventions so that we can begin to make real transformations. This is one of the overarching paradigms for the Berlin Workshop.

The Berlin Workshop will focus on global issues and is not conceived as an internal German specific debate.