5 August: Artists Organise!

Artwork by Hollie Moly — https://www.workersartcollective.com/hollie-moly

Artists Organise! was a half-day panel discussion at Nexus Arts, held on 5 August.

Here is the recording of the sessions:

And the transcript is available for download here

1pm – Welcome to Country
1.15pm – Introduction by Sam Whiting and Jen Mills

1.30pm – Panel: Artists as workers
How do we value cultural labour? What does fair pay look like in the arts, and what can artists and Unions offer each other? Artists, writers and performers bring their perspectives on labour and precarity in the original gig economy, how they make it work, and what needs to change. Panel members: Sam Wallman, Natalie Harkin, Joanne Sutton, Jess Alice (chair)

2.30pm – Afternoon tea

2.45pm – Panel: How we organise
From solidarity actions to the musicians’ minimum wage, the Freelance Charter and starting your own Union, artists and organisers share their experiences working within and outside Unions to organise for better pay and conditions, finding inspiration in local actions and global movements. Panel: Bronte Colmer, Kimberley Wheeler, Maize Wallin, Jen Mills (chair)

3.45pm – Short break

4pm – Discussion: Artists Organise!
Where to next for arts, culture and labour movements? Our open discussion/strategy session about the future of organised cultural labour will offer space for all participants to share skills, ideas and experiences, to build strength across disciplines and organisations, and to find more and better ways to work together in solidarity.

5.30pm to 7pm – Drinks and networking (drinks at bar prices)