What happened?

  • Reset #1 | Opening roundtable

On 16 April 2021 we held a round table discussion with all three universities and representatives from the arts and culture sector to test our diagnosis that there are significant problems in the sector, a need for different approaches to create an opportunity for a Reset.

Reset #2 | What to do about Cultural Work after the Pandemic ?

Summary of the event

Reset #3: Art, Culture and Heterodox Economics

A summary of the event

Reset #4: Scott Ludlam: Full Circle and the Art of Panarchy | Thursday 15th July 2-4pm UniSA City West Campus, Bradley Forum.

Scott Ludlam says: Questions of climate and energy transitions have long been considered the domain of technologists and policymakers, engineers and executives. And so now we stand at the brink of collapse, with old systems buckling and novel ones yet to breach the armour of state capture. Now is the time for fresh imagination and radical ideas: that’s the domain of artists and cultural practitioners.

Summary of the event can be found here

Reset #5 Dan Hill 5 August 2021 4-6 pm at UniSA City West, Bradley Forum

Co-hosted with the Hawke EU Centre

A summary of the event can be found here

Reset #6 After the Creative City. Friday September 10th Port Adelaide Afternoon.

In association with Vitalstatistix, we are planning an afternoon of conceptual debate and concrete case studies, focused on how we need to rethink the relationship of art and culture and contemporary urbanism, outside the frame of ‘the creative city’. We will be joined by Rory Hyde (university of Melbourne) and Dan Hill, based in Swedish Innovation Agency, Stockholm (previously London and Sydney) whose Slowdown Papers are due out with Verso Press later this year. (Supported by UniSA’s EU-Hawke Centre). Involving local planners, experts and activists we will take Port Adelaide as a case study.

Reset #7 Public Policy and Cultural Citizenship. Thursday October 14th, Flinders University Vic Square campus

Does Australian governance have the capacity adequate to pursuing an art and cultural policy?

Does the cultural sector – through formal representation, civil society, the media public sphere and advocacy bodies – have an audible voice in Australia?

What is cultural citizenship? What new consultation and policy tools are available: Participatory budgeting, citizen assemblies, democratising boards and trusts.

Reset #8 Finale: Restoration and/ or Reconstruction? Visions for a New Art and Cultural Policy November Date and Location TBD

This will present the findings of our programme, with invited respondents from South Australia and elsewhere. A closing event.